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#My2K: Over $250,000

President Obama reaches into the crowd

Americans from all walks of life have been writing in to share why they support President Obama’s push to keep middle class taxes low. Here are a few stories from folks earning more than $250,000 a year—and who would see their taxes go up under the President’s plan—explaining why they think raising taxes for the wealthiest Americans is the right thing to do.

“I am lucky enough to be part of household where it would actually be convenient if this bill does not go through. Having said that—I know what $2,000 represented to me when I was not this fortunate. It meant the difference between eating canned foods, and being able to afford meat and fresh veggies. It meant being able to provide boots in the winter and tennis shoes in the summer so my children could play safely and comfortably. It meant being able to share my table with another family within my community. It meant that perhaps I could afford to drive my car to a different park because I had money for gas. It meant providing for my children and family. So I support this bill because it is the right thing to do—to ensure that every breadwinner has the chance to provide with dignity for the basic needs of their family.”
—Edda, Georgia

“My husband and I are fortunate. We can afford to pay higher taxes. But I don't want to live in a country where the fortunate abandon the less-fortunate. I would gladly pay higher taxes in order to invest in the families who are in need, in the infrastructure that will keep us safe and strong, and in education that will empower our citizens to work and contribute back as they can.

“How could I want more for myself when others suffer? I support raising the taxes on those who can easily afford it, and keeping the tax cuts in place for those who can't.”
—Elaine, New Hampshire

“My husband and I are fortunate enough to be in the percentage that will see our taxes raised, but that is OK—it's fair, it's equitable, it's paying it forward! I am the child of immigrants and I owe everything I have to the benefits of public libraries and higher education.”
—Patricia, Nevada

“I am one of those fortunate Americans who would be affected by an increase on taxes on those currently defined as wealthy. And I would welcome that increase if it means that I would be participating in health care for all Americans, a renewed infrastructure, more support of education, help for returning veterans, and the many other worthy goals of this administration. While saying that, I encourage our leaders to work toward more efficient ways of delivering government services, and the curtailment of unnecessary spending.”
—Stephen, Pennsylvania

Do you support President Obama’s plan to keep middle class taxes low, while asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share? Tell your story here.

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