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"My diabetes will never hold me back"

"Thank you so much for passing and fighting for the health care law. I am a teenaged diabetic, and although I am currently on my parents’ health care plan, what to do when this is no longer possible has always worried my parents and myself. When the health care law was passed, I felt for the first time that someone in American government cared about me and about my life, and that means so much to me and to my parents.

"Now with this Supreme Court decision, so much more is possible for me. I want to be a musician, and I know that it doesn’t come with what you might call 'job security,’ but because of this law, my diabetes will never hold me back from following my dreams. I can now stay on my parents’ plan until age 26, which gives me time to start making a life for myself. And once I am 26, no insurance company can discriminate against me because of my condition, or deny me coverage because of it. So thank you, President Obama, for making my life, and those of so many others, so much better."

—Andres, Connecticut

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