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Working The Phones

Dede T. answers a phone script question while Erica S. makes a call Monday night at Dede's home in Bozeman.

Dede is a seasoned veteran of phone banks but says she was nervous, like most people, her first time out. But a little practice made a big difference and she says the script helps make it easy to get comfortable.

Erica says she volunteered after receiving a call during a previous phone bank. "I was actively hoping for a chance to volunteer," she says.

Bozeman phone bank coordinator Nina G. says phone banks have been shown to be an extremely effective way to build support for the movement to re-elect the president.

"I strongly believe in the president," she says. "I want a more inclusive world for my daughter and my granddaughter. A world of greater justice.

"We have to help him, he cannot do it alone. When all of this is over, I want to feel like I did everything I could to help."

She encourages anyone looking to help out the campaign to volunteer to attend one. There they can sign up to volunteer to get involved in a number of ways and they can even register to have a one-on-one meeting with either Nina or Neighborhood Team Leader Judith H.

Jane H. seeks a quiet corner to make her calls. Dede says she and Jane are alternately hosting the phone banks on Monday nights in Bozeman.

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