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Volunteer in your PJs


Volunteers learn data entry skills on a recent evening at Bozeman's Obama For America office.

Is coming all the way to a campaign office to volunteer not your cup of tea? Would you rather be able to sit at home in your PJs with your computer? Then we've got the thing for you!

Data entry is one of the most crucial ways to help re-elect President Obama, and it has the added benefit of the flexibility to work at home at any hour.

Every day, volunteers across Montana work phone banks making calls for the President. Depending on which phone bank they are working, they ask a variety of questions. Every answer to those questions is recorded in our campaign database. That database allows the campaign to target voters effectively and efficiently, but it is only as effective as the data that is entered. Thus, data entry volunteers are vital to the success of this campaign.

If you have a computer and Internet access, comfortable with a computer, and have a couple of hours a week to spare, why not join your local Obama team as a data entry volunteer? You will be given training on how the data is entered and you can work wherever you have a computer. Not only is it easy to do and flexible to your availability, your contributions have tangible results.

Your help is very much needed and will be very much appreciated, and you will be in the company of people who share your vision for the future of America. You can’t beat that! Sign up today!

20120719175929-1 Julie Q. helps out with a question from a data entry volunteer.

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