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The Worker Bee


Carol K., Missoula Neighborhood Team Leader

"I always called myself the worker bee," says Carol K., Missoula's Neighborhood Team Leader for OFA. She says she was very active in the 2008 campaign, putting in huge hours to elect Barack Obama to the presidency. And when the 2012 campaign began in December, she was back at it, working long and hard to re-elect the president.

A Missoula native, Carol makes her living as a nanny, and she has six grandchildren. "I want a better life and a better world for them," she says.

The important issue for Carol is health care. She says she has a good friend who died after she was denied cancer surgery because she had no insurance and no other way to pay the $6,000 cost. And Carol's former foster child went to a Spokane emergency room, was denied care, and died the next day, she says.

We need to turn this around and start caring about our people. Obama is trying to make it better for the people of America."
Volunteer and make a difference.
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