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Fanchon S. is a fall fellow for the Obama campaign in Missoula

"I never thought I would see a President of the United States come out in favor of gay marriage," says 25-year-old Fanchon S. "I'm a lesbian. And the person I really support as President, I feel, really supports me."

Because of the President’s support for the LGBT community, Fanchon was motivated to get involved in this campaign. She is currently a fall fellow in the Obama For America office in Missoula where she helps with data entry, event coordination, makes calls, keeps office hours, and generally spreads the word to reelect our President. And, she's making friends in circles she wouldn’t have met otherwise.

"It's so great to hear all of their stories — everyone comes from different places for different reasons."

New friends aren't the only thing Fanchon is getting from her experience. She remembers a phone bank not too long ago, when one of the volunteers came into the room and shared an inspirational story from a recent caller.

"To see her joy and how it affected everyone around her — That was really cool," Fanchon says.

If you want to affect the country in a positive way, volunteer.

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