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Stepping Up


“I exude infectious enthusiasm,” says Judith H. “I make a point of it.”

Judith is Bozeman’s neighborhood team leader. She says it is her job to create, organize, administrate, recruit and train volunteers and core team members for the Obama campaign in Bozeman. And she’s doing a great job. She already has capable people coordinating phone banks, voter registration, events and youth efforts.

“It’s wonderful,” Judith says. “I find myself a lot more enthusiastic even than during the last election. I’ve realized that I can actually help.”

Judith retired to Bozeman with her husband in 2005 from the San Francisco area. She has been a police officer and a travel agent. She studied classical singing for a couple of years and was a residents' advocate for a non-profit affordable housing company. Now she is an executive assistant and nearing the end of her term as president of the Montana Center for International Visitors.

During the 2008 campaign, Judith says she worked mostly behind the scenes. But for this election, she was ready to get involved so she stepped up to take on the neighborhood team leader job. It’s a job that allows her to use “all of my skills and abilities,” she says.

So far, the high point of the job has been the holiday house party Judith and her husband hosted in December, where she was able to connect with people who share a common purpose and raise a good sum of money. “I went to sleep with a huge grin on my face that night,” she says.

“We’re doing something that is good for the nation and the world,” Judith says. “Not only good, but essential. There’s always a place in the campaign where volunteers can feel comfortable and very useful.”

If you want to help Judith grow the campaign in Montana, sign up to volunteer or find an event near you.

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