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Stampede for Obama

Helena Neighborhood Team Leader Beth M. assembled a team of Obama supporters to march alongside other local Democrats in Saturday's Last Chance Stampede parade through the streets of downtown Helena. People showed up in various shades of blue to tout their support for President Obama's re-election bid as well as other democratic candidates.


Stephen S. and Wendy F. marched together, sporting Obama gear. "We're here to give our time to the Obama campaign," Stephen said. "Obama often says, 'We're in this together,'" Wendy said. "I like that."


Mike K. poses with his two children, Kathryn, 8, and Alex, 5.

"I think Obama is the right way to go," Mike K. said before riding bikes in the parade with his two kids. Mike said we need to look to the future more and we need to be sure we leave a better world for our children. That is why Mike supports the President. Mike knows President Obama is investing in the future and working every day to make sure everyone's kids have the opportunities and skills required to be successful.


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