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Obamacare Fact, Not Fiction


Amanda F. presents the facts about Obamacare at Monday night's community meeting in Bozeman.

There are a lot of myths surrounding Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act that our volunteers have encountered recently. Here are some of the facts that Amanda F. presented to the crowd at Monday night's community meeting in Bozeman.

1. The Affordable Care Act will save the average person with Medicare nearly $4,200 by 2021.

2. Seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare have saved more than $3.4 billion on prescription drugs so far under the Affordable Care Act.

3. By 2020, the gap between where Medicare prescription drug coverage stops and starts back up again will be closed.

4. In 2011, 32.5 million Americans were provided with at least one new free preventive healthcare service due to the Affordable Care Act. These services include screenings for cancer, diabetes and blood pressure.

5. The Affordable Care Act increased federal sentencing guidelines for major health care fraud offenses by 20 to 50 percent.

6. In fiscal year 2011, the number of individuals charged with criminal fraud increased more than 75 percent to 1,430. And 150 defendants were charged with about $950 million in fraud over the first several months of 2012. Plus 1.5 millions home health agencies, medical equipment suppliers, doctors, hospitals and providers will be re-screened to ensure they are not defrauding taxpayers.

7. Since the beginning of the Obama administration in 2009, $10.7 billion has been returned to the Medicare Trust Funds by the Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program. That's enough to pay for two years of wellness visits for everyone in Medicare. That's enough to pay for all of the recommended mammograms for the 25 million women in Medicare for a decade.

That's enough to pay for all of the ambulance trips that Medicare covers in two years. And that's enough to pay for the first five years of drug discounts to Medicare beneficiaries, according to CBO estimates.

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