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Montana Pride for Obama


Greg S. is Director of AIDS Outreach in Bozeman. He describes himself as gay, HIV positive, a Rome-educated former priest, and a licensed mental health counselor.

He's also an Obama supporter.

This administration has brought the social back into the social justice model.

Greg grew up in a conservative Montana household where social justice was one of the primary values of his family. Social justice continues to play a big part in his life as a mental health counselor and other HIV prevention and assistance causes. He says Obama's HIV strategy was what drew him to the president.

People who are HIV-positive have gotten more respect from this administration than from any other previous administration.

"People with HIV are easy to ignore," he says. "This is about health. It's not about morals. This administration gets that." We're looking for volunteers to help advance social justice and re-elect the president. If you want to stand with us, volunteer.

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