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High On Obama

OFA, Everest Base Camp

Conrad Anker, left, points to the summit of Mount Everest and his wife, Jenni Lowe-Anker, flashes a peace sign while holding an Obama banner at Base Camp in Nepal.

Jenni Lowe-Anker has just returned to her home in Bozeman from Base Camp in Nepal while her husband, Conrad Anker, prepares to climb Mount Everest. Conrad is working with a team of climbers seeking to repeat the historic first American ascent of the West Ridge made in 1963. Jenni says Conrad hopes to summit sometime this month or in early June when and if the right conditions occur. "Patience is the key," she says.

Jenni talked about her support for President Obama and her husband's journey to summit Everest.

"Both my husband and I supported Obama during his last campaign and are proud to have him as our president. I had a chance to meet President Obama during the last campaign when he came to Bozeman. At that time, I gave him a little pebble from the summit of Everest as a token of luck to reach his own summit. I believe he has done a remarkable job under the difficult conditions of his tenure and I believe Obama is a president that the entire world admires. The challenges he faces are not unlike climbing Everest."

"I had the Obama 2012 banner sewn in Namche Bazaar which is en route to Everest. Namche is a thriving little community perched at 12,000 feet in the Khumbu region. It can only be reached by walking up a winding precipitous path that is flanked by breathtaking peaks and a roaring glacial river. All trekkers and climbers walk through Namche and most stay there to acclimatize. In a busy tailor shop above the main drag in Namche, the tailor and I designed the banner together, picked out the fabric and he sewed it within a few hours. I hope Conrad has a chance to take it to the summit. Regardless, I think it is a symbol of how far we have already climbed with Obama and how important it is to have him for another term.

The photo was taken by Jenni's son, Max Lowe, at Everest Base Camp on April 4th.

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