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Gearing Up

20120319164030-1 Judith H. gets Monday's meeting off to a happy start at the Bozeman Public Library

About 25 Obama supporters gathered in a Bozeman Public Library meeting room Monday night and started to map out their efforts to get President Obama re-elected.

"Our motto is Respect, Empower, Include and Win," said Neighborhood Team Leader Judith H. Thanks to recent efforts, President Obama was overwhelmingly supported in a petition to put his name on Montana's primary ballot, Judith said, and now is the time to start getting out the vote. The primary election will be June 5.

Canvassing efforts will begin in May. Phone banks, which are currently being held about once a week, will soon be held twice a week, new core team leaders were introduced and a call was put out for more volunteers. It all leads up to a growing campaign in Montana. 20120319165832 Judith H., left, and Paul B. role play a hypothetical phone bank call so others can see what's involved.

"It's time to do what needs to be done," Judith said. "There's something for everyone to feel comfortable doing."

20120319170317-1 Marcia R. makes a point during the meeting.

Supporters had input too. Deb B. emphasized team building in the campaign. Mike M. cautioned that this campaign will require even more dedication than 2008, and it was announced that OFA Bozeman will have a presence at the Yellowstone River Clean-Up on April 14. Car pools will meet in the library parking lot at 7:15 a.m. and all were encouraged to wear their OFA gear as much as possible.

To talk to someone about how you best fit in with OFA, start here. And inspire yourself by watching "The Road We've Traveled." 20120319172428-1 Deb B. talks about the importance of team building in the upcoming campaign.

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