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Foreign Exchange


From left, Lachy M., Ben C., Cuth S. and Bastiaan S. pose with an Obama cutout in the Bozeman Obama For America offices.

Exchange students from the United Kingdom, Austrailia and the Netherlands are volunteering in the Bozeman Obama For America offices, calling Colorado to gather supporters.

The four Montana State University students say they came to volunteer as a group. And healthcare is one of the main issues for them in this election. "I think everybody deserves adequate, affordable health care," Bastiaan says.

Ben, who broke a finger playing ultimate frisbee, says his medical bills could have topped $10,000 without health insurance. "I can't imagine living here and worrying about getting hurt. It's dangerous."

"But the main reason is that Mitt Romney is so extreme," says Cuth. With politics considered more liberal where they're from, they guess that Democrats would be considered ‘center-right’ in their country.

Other important issues in our election include gay marriage and foreign policy. "The president is a world leader," Lachy says. "His decisions have effects world wide." And the others agree — adding that from their outside perspective, it is clear that Obama is the right choice.

The men are enjoying their experience and say their accents haven't been too much of an obstacle when making campaign calls. And politics here is more interesting than in Europe and Australia. They also noted that people give quite a bit more money to campaigns here in the U.S.

The men say they are grateful for the welcome they have received from the Obama For America campaign in Bozeman. "It's nice to be involved in such an exciting time in America," Ben says.

"This is a pivotal moment," adds Bastiaan. "I feel a sense of urgency. I feel the relationship with Europe and the world would deteriorate seriously with Romney."

There's still plenty to do to reelect the president. Volunteer here.

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