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Cleaning Up

20120414081311Dulaney C. cleans up the banks of the Yellowstone River Saturday in Livingston.

Dulaney C. was active in the effort to prevent a proposed dam on the Yellowstone during the late 1970s, so when the opportunity came to participate in the annual Yellowstone River cleanup in Livingston, Dulaney put on her Obama swag and headed out from her home near Bozeman. She thinks picking up trash along the banks of one of the most treasured rivers in America is an appropriate metaphor for the Obama presidency. "He inherited a mess," she says, "and he's cleaning it up."

Dulaney has been a political activist for many years. In fact, she expects to publish a how-to book for grassroots legislative advocates in October. She says Yellowstone and President Obama have both been big inspirations for her. "He really is about doing what's best for America," she says. "He expects you and everybody else to chip in." 20120414080742 Dulaney proudly shows off the lipstick she found Saturday.

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