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Change of Heart


Karen W. is a Summer Fellow in Bozeman for Obama For America

Karen W. voted for John McCain in 2008.

Everyone expected her to. Her family is very conservative. Through high school, she always took the conservative side of a debate. "Everyone in my life was conservative," she said.

Then, while a student at Montana State University, Karen began to think more critically about her politics. She remembered her disabled grandmother and uncle, who lived with her family in a small trailer while she was in the sixth grade. She remembered how welcome Medicaid payments were, and how her family railed against government aid programs. And she noticed other inconsistencies in her family's outlook. "They were benefitting from programs they were against," she said. "They were uninformed."

She met gay people in college, people she had been brought up to believe were damned to hell. "I've never met such a loving, accepting group of people," she said.

And then she reconciled her religious beliefs. "Whether or not I believe in God was not the issue," she said. "the issue was what would God do?

Since then, she has resolved to be more informed and to expose herself to other thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives. She volunteered to be a summer fellow for Obama so she could involve herself in a community, use her strong organizational skills, and stand for what she believes in.

If you believe, if you want to be able to say you did everything you could to reelect the president, if you have something to give, volunteer.

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