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Bozeman's New NTLs


From left, Debbie B., Dede T., and Kristin T. are now Neighborhood Team Leaders in Bozeman.

"I am so excited for the Bozeman team to have this fabulous group of very capable and experienced organizers to lead the Bozeman area into the General Election", Judith H., the Montana State Director for Obama for America said recently.

Debbie B., Dede T., and Kristin T., met Friday morning to discuss the roles each will play as the new Neighborhood Team Leaders in Bozeman. Debbie will primarily handle the office duties, while Dede will concentrate mostly on the Montana State University campus activities, and Kristin will head up events efforts.

The next big thing on their agenda is the Democratic National Convention Watch Party, on Sept. 6 at 6:30 p.m., at the Bozeman campaign office at 234 E. Babcock and also for students at Colombo's Pizza at 1003 W. College.

Kristin says she has been an Obama fan since he was her law professor at the University of Chicago in the mid-1990s. "I was impressed with his ability to manage a diversity of opinions," she says. "As soon as he announced his candidacy in 2008, I slapped a sign in my window."

Kristin was very active in Bozeman and Gallatin County during the first campaign, organizing and hosting a variety of events that culminated in a very successful effort. "I had a story to tell then," she says. "Looking at what he's done in four years, there's a great potential to do even more the next four years," she says.

Dede was also active in the 2008 campaign. In 2008, she was the faculty advisor for MSU's Students for Obama and was thrilled to watch students become less apathetic, more excited, and more politicallyengaged.

"It felt like a brighter future is in store for everyone," she says. "I love to help students see what the possibilities are if they get involved. And four more years of Michelle Obama and her programs would be perfect for this country."

Debbie says she has been involved in democratic politics and social action issues "since forever." And just six weeks after arriving in Bozeman from Los Angeles, here she is stepping into a leadership role. "I'm at a transition time in my life," she says. "I don't know what's next."

But she does know she wants to see a continuation of the progress our country has seen over the past four years."I think people forget how far we've come in four years," she says. "It would be such a shame to give up on that."

Debbie notes progress on issues like health care, climate change, the economy and women's issues. She is also concernedabout the likely possibility that the next term will bring new Supreme Court appointments and wants to be sure access to funding for higher education continues to improve.

"We have so many privileges and opportunities in this country, and President Obama has worked so hard to make those privileges and opportunities accessible to everyone. That's the path Obama has us on. So whatever I can do to help stay on that path is what I want to do right now."

Come meet the new NTLs and volunteer with Montana for Obama.

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