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Weekend of Action in Jackson

Two weekends ago, OFA Mississippi got an exciting visitor. Ellery A. -- @BikeforObama -- came rolling through the streets of Jackson, fresh from his trip down the East Coast. He was nice enough to stay with us for a couple of days, before heading on to Louisiana and Arkansas. While he was here, he helped us plan our weekend of action. He recruited a number of volunteers that ended up helping us out at Headquarters and around the state, and lit up the entire office with his cheerfulness and limitless energy.

IMG_1276 (3)

In return, we showed him some of our famous Mississippi hospitality—we took him to Two Sister’s Kitchen for some of the best fried chicken the South has to offer. Just before he left, we made sure he got a great Southern breakfast at Broadstreet Bakery. We hope that we managed to impress Ellery with the charm of the South, and we wish him the best of luck in the rest of his journey.

Thanks to Ellery’s visit, and our hardworking Mississippi volunteers, the weekend of action was a huge success. OFA Mississippi HQ in Jackson was filled with people throughout the day Friday and Saturday. Supporters of the President from all across the metropolitan area gathered together and met our local team. Between phone calls, we laughed, told stories, and got to know one another. By the end of the day, we had built up a true sense of camaraderie between the supporters—everyone was feeling fired up and ready to go for President Obama.

Not only did we assemble a great team, we also greatly exceeded our goal of 960 phone calls.

We’re looking forward to making even more calls this week and organizing more events in the future. Will you join us?
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