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Mother's Day spotlight: by volunteering in Nashua, mother-daughter pair fight for their family

Deidre is a volunteer team leader in Nashua with a pretty incredible story, and it doesn't take much time talking to her for it to become clear just how much she loves her kids. Take this for example:

When I got laid off, I had to find work but I couldn't afford daycare. I wanted to be with my kids, so I decided to start a daycare. I love kids and I figured why not. So I did that for six years.

And what happened when her kids got too old for daycare and started going to school?

That's when I started driving the school bus. It was work I could do and take my kids with me. I'd take them with me and drop them off at school.

It may not come as a surprise then that a key member of the volunteer team Deidre leads is her 13-year old daughter, Morgan. I asked Morgan how long she'd been volunteering and she invited me to be more specific.

MORGAN: Like, holding signs or just coming in here?

Holding signs totally counts, I told her.

MORGAN: Since fourth grade.

DEIDRE: Originally they kind of got pulled into it. That was in 2008.

MORGAN: Yeah, at first I was just doing it because my Mom was bringing me along. But then it got fun.

When I asked why she was doing it when she could be doing so many other things with her time, she told said:

MORGAN: I support Obama because I want to have a better future for myself. I don't want to see less jobs when I go out to work, or for our children when they go out to work. Obama's going to give us more jobs, and he'll support my education.

Deidre's concerns were similar, worrying that, without the President to fight for this stuff, her daughters wouldn't be able to access greater opportunity.

DEIDRE: I want her to go to college. My other daughter is in college right now, and student loans are the only way either of them can go. My husband and I can't afford to pay for it otherwise. Neither one of us went to college and we want them to have the opportunities that we did not have.

When asked to name the President's most important initiative so far, Deidre doesn't miss a beat:

Health care. The coverage of young adults up to 26, and the change regarding pre-existing conditions is extremely important to my family, especially with my oldest daughter, who has asthma.

For Deidre, working to re-elect the President is a way of fighting for her family.

I think because he's lived it, President Obama is able to understand what policies that are going to help people. He's gone though school and he had to get student loans - and they haven't been paid off for all that long. He has two kids and they're going to go to college too. He gets it and he really has a vested interest in solving these kinds of problems.

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