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Mother's Day fact 7: President Obama has made it easier to pay for college

ince last Mother’s Day, President Obama has taken steps to help students afford college, including signing into law historic student loan reforms that better invest in our students and remove big banks as middlemen in the student-lending industry.

The President has also doubled our investment in Pell Grants so an additional 3.7 million students would receive college scholarship aid to access and afford college. Two-thirds of Pell Grant recipients are women.

Mitt Romney's plan to adopt the Ryan budget would cut funds for the Pell Grants that help students go to college by nearly 25%:

“The GOP budget plan that Romney wants to adopt would make steeper cuts to Head Start, Pell Grants and workforce training than to other programs… Ultimately, as a result of such cuts — combined with the budget reductions passed on Obama’s watch — ‘157,000 at-risk children up to age 5 could lose education, health, nutrition, and other services under Head Start, while funds for Pell Grants that help students go to college would fall by nearly 25 percent,’ according to a CBPP analysis of the House GOP proposal.”

The President believes that it's irresponsible to cut investment in our future, and that's why he's made finding for student loans and Pell Grants a priority.

Note: this is the final in a series of posts highlighting what President Obama has accomplished for women since last Mother's Day, posted once per day since Monday.yesterday's post.

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