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More Than Just Voter Registration

“Want to register to vote?” It’s probably not typically what you’re asked as you shop at your local farmers’ market, but it was at Muscoot Farm in Mount Kisco on Saturday. While politics and farmers’ markets may not be intimately related, Summer Organizers Emma P. and Scott G. knew it would be the perfect place to reach their community and to register new voters as a part of our national day of action.

“At this point, Scott and I are starting to see that there are people out there just as excited as we are, if not more!” –Emma

Emma saw the event as an opportunity to get to know the volunteers—their background, motivation for getting involved, and their vision for this campaign. Scott is thrilled to see the active volunteer base in the community expand; remarkably, the age range of the group is 17 to 82—a demonstration of the array of volunteers and supporters contributing to this campaign.

Neighborhood teams, like Emma and Scott’s, are getting to work across the country by holding grassroots planning sessions, team meetings, tabling events and knocking on doors. Emma has noticed that each event in their community makes community members and volunteers more excited, providing momentum in the early stages of this campaign. Supporters in Mount Kisco are not stopping there, though—their next events include a phone bank on Saturday, which you can sign up for here. Whether you are in Mount Kisco or miles away, there is a way for you to play a part in this campaign. We are building this campaign from the ground up, and we need your help—email [email protected] to get started.

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