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More Chattanooga Faces Are IN!

The president's support is going strong in Tennessee, and southeast TN is seeing a growing movement! Here are the newest faces from Chattanooga to say "I'm IN for 2012!!!!"

Alvin Woodard

Alvin is IN!!!!

Emily Dilbeck

Emily is a Summer Organizer! So she's REALLY IN!!!!!

Jerry Hammonds

Jerry is so IN for 2012!!!

Keyla Harrison

Keyla is actually from Knoxville! And her photo says it all!

Mattie Branham

Mattie is IN for 2012!!!

Nayan Vora

Nayan is all the way IN!!!!

Paul Wise

Paul is definitely IN!!!!!

Renda Washington

Renda is in!!!!

Samevelyn Rock

Samevelyn is IN to protect teachers' rights and because she believes in public education!!!!

Sarah Aslinger

Sarah is in because she's a medical professional who believes everyone should have access to healthcare!!!!

Tony Peoples

And Tony is IN because he believes the president has done absolutely everything right since he's taken office!!!!

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