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Mobilizing the nation for immigration reform

Supporters of immigration reform are organizing on the phone, on the ground, and on the airwaves, calling out Congress—especially 34 key representatives in the House of Representatives—for their inaction on comprehensive immigration reform. Here are a few highlights from the past week.

Miami, Florida—OFA volunteer Dorothy Clark Himmelstein spoke about the cost of the House's inaction on comprehensive immigration reform as a guest on the Enrique Santos Show on Wednesday. Himmelstein and Santos (a staunch advocate for comprehensive immigration reform) helped to mobilize listeners to join the fight. Listen to the clip in Spanish or read the translation in English below.

Kalamazoo, Michigan—The Fast for Families Bus Tour swung through Kalamazoo and joined OFA-Michigan supporters to call on Representative Fred Upton to act on comprehensive immigration reform.

Reno, Nevada—Volunteers marched to Congressman Mark Amodei’s Reno office, urging the congressman to support reform.

Cincinnati, Ohio—Supporters powered through pouring rain to let Speaker Boehner know the cost of inaction.

Vista, California—Volunteers gathered outside a fundraising event for Congressman Darrell Issa, demanding action.

Lakeland, Florida—The Fast for Families Bus Tour stopped in Representative Dennis Ross’ district alongside OFA-Florida volunteers.

The future of immigration reform will depend not just on Congress, but on how hard the supporters of reform organize and make their voices heard. Join us in this fight.
Join the fight

Read the English translation of OFA volunteer Dorothy's interview with the Enrique Santos radio show:

Dorothy: This is Dorothy, I’m from Staten Island, New York

Radio Host: Hi Dorothy, how are you?

Dorothy: I'm doing very well.

Radio Host: It’s fabulous talking with you, I’m very proud of your work with Organizing for Action. Tell us, why is it important? And why do we need to get more of our brothers and sisters involved?

Radio Host: And, Dorothy, why is this fight for immigration reform in the United States important to you personally?

Dorothy: Because I identify with immigrants. I am Honduran and I came here in search for a better life and I accomplished it. And I think in this country, we all have the right to reach that dream.

Radio Host: Of course, and you also are a former public school teacher.

Dorothy: Yes, I'm retired, yes.

Radio Host: All right

Dorothy: And I have worked with students that have immigrant parents. I have worked with children that were born here.

Radio Host: Of course

Dorothy: So they are citizens, but their parents aren't, and I have witnessed how scared their parents have been when it comes to things like signing a permission slip for their kids to go on a field trip. Because they don’t want "la migra," quote unquote, to show up to their homes. They shouldn't be afraid of that because they are here fighting and supporting their children in this country.

Radio Host:Of course. Dorothy, how can my audience get more involved?

Dorothy: We want our voices to be heard to have comprehensive immigration reform. We can have a...This Saturday we will have a Day of Action and to find out more visit And there they can raise their voices and get information regarding other events and show our representatives that we are fighting and we are united.

Radio Host: Of course; and we need this critical legislation and we need it to get a vote, obviously here in the United States. Now you know it, this Saturday. Saturday, April 12, is a Day of Action, and you can participate, as Dorothy said, on for more information, and in other cities around the country, you can also get involved and be a volunteer and help us, of course.

Dorothy: Yes, we cannot let the House of Representatives impede immigration reform.

Radio Host: That’s the way it is.

Dorothy: We cannot allow this to happen.

Radio Host: And we also cannot defeat ourselves. Dorothy Clark, it's been a real pleasure talking with you. Thank you for all those years of dedication and all the passion in favor of immigration reform in our beautiful country

Dorothy: Thank you, thank you, it is an honor to talk with you, Enrique. You are doing God’s work for our Latino community. You teach us how to live with dignity and power in our communities.

Radio Host: Thank you, Dorothy.

Dorothy: Thank you also, for all that you do for all Latinos.

Radio Host: Thank you dear, same to you and a big kiss to you. You know, thank you.

Dorothy: Thank you, hugs. Good bye.

Radio Host: Same to you, thank you:
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