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You Are The Face of the Campaign

Naga and Joan attendees at the St. Louis volunteer – spring fellow training

Saturday OFA-Missouri’s newest group of OFA 2012 Fellows got their official welcome and starts during a day-long training session. Neighborhood team leaders and core team members from the St. Louis region joined them at the event. With this many enthusiastic organizers in one place, the room was bustling with energy throughout the day, especially during break-out sessions where attendees practiced their skill in simulation exercises.

Presenters included seasoned organizer Andrea H. and OFA Missouri Field Director Carl Walz, who were excited with the turn-out and the opportunity to be providing these organizers with the skill and tools necessary to help them become successful in their communities and neighborhoods.

“We want to have a strong presence in every neighborhood.” Andrea told the attendees. “You are the face of the campaign.”

“Attendees learned that grassroots organizing is built on personal relationships,“ Explained Carl. “ One tool to help build those relationships is the person story. We each have our reason for joining the campaign, for supporting the President. Sharing those stories helps define our commonalities as we ask: “Will you join me?”

Two attendees who have answered the question “Will you join me?” with a resounding “YES” are volunteer, Joan M and 2012 fellow, Naga Y. They are both enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with the campaign in support of the President’s re-election.


“The President speaks to me on many different levels. I find his narrative very compelling. I’m a first generation immigrant myself. I firmly believe in his vision for America and I’m here to lend my support. I think that those of us on the ground level can be the greatest advocates for change. We are the closest to the issues.”


“I believe in President Obama’s direction. He’s doing a fine job and it’s starting to show as we see the economic numbers improve. I want to be on board again in 2012, just as I was in 2008.

Volunteering with OFA as an organizer is perfect for me. Organizing is my cup of tea. I’m a labor girl and understand that there is strength in numbers. You have to start from the ground up and work it through.”

Joan and Naga are just two of the dozens of volunteers who attended this weekend’s training. While each volunteer has their own story, their own reason for joining the campaign, they all have one thing in common: a firm belief that President Obama is the best choice to lead our country.

Join the 2012 campaign to re-elect President Obama. Volunteer today.

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