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Why YOU should participate in the Summer Organizing Fellow Program


Last summer, high school student Quin R. participated in OFA-Missouri’s summer organizer program. He shares his thoughts on the experience.

Q. What inspired you to apply for the summer organizing fellows program?

I've always been really passionate about politics, and I was concerned about the direction the country was headed. So, when the opportunity to join OFA came along, I had to jump on board. With all the progress the President and the Democrats in Congress had made, I knew I couldn't sit by as it was being threatened.

Q. At the end of the summer, what did you take away from your organizing fellowship experience?

I feel like I was a part of something larger than myself and I was still empowered to make a difference in my community. It's clear to me now that OFA is dedicated not only to its goals, but also to its organizers. Throughout the entire program, the OFA staff regularly checked in with me to make sure that I had the tools to succeed, and were never hesitant to answer any of my questions.. Furthermore, it was truly inspiring to help people register to vote so they could participate in the democratic process and make their voices heard.

Q. Would you recommend this program?

Absolutely! Being a Summer Organizer is definitely on my list of most exciting things that I have ever done! I got a rush knowing that I was helping to elect a president and candidates up and down the ballot who supported my values. Also, getting to work with others who shared those same values further added to the experience. Anyone who is concerned about our nation's future, supports what the Democrats have accomplished over the past four years, and wants to get involved should consider joining OFA. It would be a mistake not to!

Apply for the OFA-Missouri Summer Organizer Program.

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