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Why You Should Be a Summer Organizer

Are you enthusiastic about re-electing President Obama? Do you have free time this summer ? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you should consider joining our grassroots campaign as an OFA-Missouri summer organizer! Below, State Field Director, Carl Walz, answers questions about our program and why you should apply.

Q. What is the OFA-Missouri summer organizer program?
The summer organizer program is an intensive fellowship that’s focused on creating the next generation of community organizers. This program teaches the participants the skills and tactic necessary to build movements and create change.

Q. Who should apply to be an OFA-Missouri summer organizer?
This position is about working with people from all walks of life and empowering them to stand up and create change. You should apply if you are dedicated to building support for the President and other Democrats.

Q. How important are the summer organizers to the success of the re-election campaign in Missouri?
Absolutely critical. The summer organizer program allows us to reach out to communities all over Missouri and ensure that everyone is informed and knows how they can take action.

Q. What can a summer organizer expect to take away from this experience?
Each and every participant will leave knowing that they did not allow themselves to be passively shaped by their times. Instead, they will know that they took a stand and worked to create a better society. This empowerment is not a fleeting thing. Knowing that you have power to make change, and knowing exactly how to make that change is something that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

OFA-Missouri invites you to spend your summer working with a team of committed supporters helping re-elect President Obama to a second term.
Summer Organizing Fellow Application.

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