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What Future Will We Give Them?


My nephew, his wife, and son came for a visit last week. Before they left, we took time for the typical family portrait to document the visit, preserving the memory, and saving for the future the way they looked at that moment in time.

What you can’t see in the smiling faces is the deep concern for the upcoming Election and the urgency these young parents feel about making sure President Obama wins a second term. You see, their son, Maurice had a stroke at birth and is now one of millions of Americans with a pre-existing condition.

Maurice’s mother, Alison has put her education and career on hold in order to work a job that provides health insurance coverage for their son.

“It is imperative that we elect President Obama and continue to move forward with the Affordable Care Act. Otherwise, health insurance will be the dictator of all our future decisions: where we work, where we live, and most importantly, whether Maurice receives affordable, quality health care now, and in the future.”

Maurice’s father, Shawn is a PhD student concerned about the employment opportunities waiting for him. His field is dependent on grant money for research, and the GOP plans include deep cuts to funding.

“It is important, not only for my career choices, but for the future of America that we have an administration concerned with the environment and preserving our natural resources.“

On November 6, Americans will choose who leads this country for the next four years. The election will determine the future of millions of Americans. Will they be able to live the traditional American dream, or will the America of limitless possibilities be relocated to the history books? It is up to us to make sure America’s future is bright.

Help re-elect President Obama: Make sure you are registered and then VOTE on November 6

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