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What Are You Doing This Week?

ready for GOTV
Missouri volunteers Caroline, Anne, and Naga are ready for GOTV

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get it done. In Missouri, supporters are answering the call and stepping up during these final days before the Election to volunteer in their communities to make calls, knock on doors, and talk to voters about committing to vote on November 6
Below, three of these volunteers share why they are committed to take action:

“I have been IN since day one in 2007! I knocked on doors I made phone calls, drove our senior's to the polls, and I know it was my efforts, along with the thousands of other volunteers, that made the difference and helped him to win, in 2008. I am committed to his re-election, educating people on the power of their vote, and I am committed to CHANGE for the better.” – Patricia T. Team Normandy

“Our country's problems are real and substantial. It's now time to drop the excuses and do something about it. I think President Obama is a gift that we're hopefully prepared to accept. We need to rally around for this president.” - Victor M, Team Kirkwood

“We that voted for Obama in 2008 knew that four years would not be enough time for Obama to get the needed changes done. Voting for Obama four years ago should be a commitment to vote for him now.” – Peggy B., Team Brookside/Waldo

Votes win elections. Each door knocked, each phone conversation, each volunteer shift helps us turn supporters out on Election Day. We need you to join us. Let’s win this thing!

Volunteer Today

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