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Volunteering is a Family Affair

Jean, Audrey and Katie excited to help GOTV

Jean, a core team member for Team Clayton in St. Louis County, proudly boasts that for her family, helping get the President reelected has turned into a family affair. A seasoned 2008 campaign veteran, Jean has taken on the role of Data Captain for her team this time around.

“I believe President Obama is our best resource for: keeping the economic recovery on a forward path, getting our soldiers out of Afghanistan, keeping women's health a private matter for WOMEN to decide, to help ALL Americans receive health care insurance, and to get our county on a more self-sufficient energy program.”

You’re never too young or too old to get involved as Jean’s family proved this past weekend.

“My daughter Katie decided she wanted to volunteer canvassing door-to-door. She thought it would be a great way to experience political action. I realized that campaigning would be a great experience for my 87 year-old mom, Audrey, as well. Working side-by-side with people of different races, economic, educational, and religions backgrounds for a common cause is an empowering experience.”

This family of supporters will be working right up through Election Day to help make sure we get the vote out here in Missouri.

"I am just amazed that all Americans can't see what a good man Barack Obama is; that he is looking out for our country and doing the best he can with what he inherited in 2008; that he is a good father and husband with a good moral background; and even more important: he is a good leader." – Audrey W.

We celebrate volunteers like Jean and her family who give their time and effort to help get out the vote in Missouri.

Right now, you can help at a GOTV location near you by calling supports and knocking on doors, making sure everyone has a plan to vote. If you have a couple of hours to spare, we would love to have you join us.

Work a GOTV Shift

Make Calls - Canvass

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