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Voices of the Campaign – Meet Vivek

Vivek has signed on this summer as an organizing fellow for OFA-Missouri. Below, he shares his reasons for being committed to President Obama’s re-election.

Vivek Biswas Blog

Passing the Affordable Care Act, preventing student loan rate increases, cutting taxes for the Middle class – these are just a few ways President Obama is fighting for all Americans, not just the wealthiest individuals in this nation. Whatever his opponents may say about him, President Obama cares about us and treats every American with respect.

I am of Indian origin. I am a college student. I am an older brother and a son. But most importantly, I am a proud American. I love this country for the opportunity it gave my parents as new immigrants, for the standard of living I have been able to enjoy here, and for it being an amazing place to call home. I come from a family lucky enough to be living the American dream. My father came to this country with two suitcases – one for books and one for clothes. Beginning with almost nothing, my parents worked hard to give my brother and I a life of privilege and comfort. Stories like my parents’ are increasingly rare each day. Every American should be able to pursue the American dream, regardless of income, social status, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or religion.

Why am I with the Obama campaign? I believe that women are entitled to fair pay. I believe that no American should have to lieif they want to serve in our Armed forces. I believe that every American deserves affordable health care. America is great, but can we make it better? With President Obama, YES WE CAN!

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