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Voices of the Campaign – Mary Lee, fellow

20120901-fall fellow Mary Lee P
Mary Lee is one of OFA-Missouri’s fall organizing fellows in the St. Louis Region.

Mary Lee is a senior at Saint Louis University. She was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and feels very invested in Missouri.

“Before I graduated high school, I knew the only way I would be able to afford college was through scholarships and government funding. That’s why making college affordable remains a huge issue for me. This, and other social justice issues are important parts of my focus in life and why I support President Obama.”
“In 2008 I traveled to both Italy and Greece with my Latin class in high school. I will never forget the moment when, standing in a square in Athens, an older man at a small kiosk looked at me and said in his thick, Greek accent: "Barack Obama will be the best thing for America." At the time, I had no idea how right he would turn out to be.”
“Why do I believe in Barack Obama? The simple answer is because I believe in his values, and I believe in the work he has already done. It has been said that Washington is broken and Obama hasn't fixed it, but I'd encourage these nay-sayers to look again. Obama has reformed many areas of my life -- health care insurance, credit card fairness, equal pay for equal work for women, insurance, and of course, education. But I genuinely believe his work is not done. When the United States elected President Obama in 2008, we gave him a mandate to improve our country, and the time to reaffirm his mandate is now.

Join Mary Lee and others in Missouri working to help reelect President Obama. Make sure you are registered to vote in the November election and then volunteer at a grassroots campaign event near you.


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