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Voices of the Campaign – Deanna B

Deanna B. Fellow 2012

Deanna B. is a 2012 summer organizing fellow. Below, she explains why she is spending her summer organizing for President Obama’s reelection.

I’m from a family in which education is a priority. Both of my parents grew up without much money and worked hard to go to university so they could provide me with a nice upbringing and the opportunity to attend university myself.

In high school, I volunteered for YWCA Headstart and loved working with kids. So when I finished school I began to volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club. It was there I saw first-hand the inequality in our public education system. That inequality is what drives me to support Barack Obama, a candidate who believes in equality, fairness, and economic opportunity for all people. President Obama is not only saving educator's jobs, but he is also focused on changing the education system in order to empower those who are least advantaged. With an education system that is fair and does not favor the wealthy, everyone will have the chance to achieve success.


This photo of President Obama after the 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri symbolizes for me who he is as a man. I am honored to stand with a President who truly cares about every person in the country.

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