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Thursday night, over 50 people gathered at OFA-Missouri’s St. Louis headquarters to learn more about the American Jobs Act. They came for various reasons, but one thing was evident: They were all optimistic about what the President was striving to do, and they wanted to understand more about how the American Jobs Act would help their community.

Jim S.:

“I haven’t had steady employment in two years and I’m anxious for the economy to improve so I can once again enjoy the security of a full-time job. I see President Obama doing everything he can to help people like me. His American Jobs Act could go a long way towards getting the economy going again and getting folks like me back to work. I came to hear more about the bill and find out how I can help get it passed.”

Leslie G.:

“I was a volunteer for President Obama during the 2008 campaign and I’m excited to get involved again. This event tonight not only gave me the opportunity to understand the American Jobs Act better, but it was a great way to make connections for taking action with the 2012 campaign."

Missouri State Senator Robin Wright-Jones did an excellent job of explaining how Missourians would benefit from this legislation through hiring incentives, unemployment extensions, and the creation of new jobs. Putting money into the hands of the middle class is how we get this economy moving again. She pointed out the added benefit that many of those new jobs would come from rebuilding Missouri’s infrastructure and schools, as well as providing much needed tax cuts to Missouri’s middle class. Senator Wright-Jones said she believes this far-sighted approach to creating employment opportunities for Missourians will improve all our lives and enrich the future of our children.

Everyone at the meeting agreed President Obama’s American Jobs Act is bold, intuitive, and would go a long way toward getting Missourians back to work. Just as important, many in attendance pledged to take action to help push forward President Obama’s initiatives to strengthen the economy.

Find out more about the American Jobs Act, how it impacts your community, and what it will do for Missouri.

And don’t forget to sign up to volunteer with OFA-Missouri.

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