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The First Step to Voting – Voter Registration


Voter turnout is the key to President Obama’s re-election. The first step in getting that turnout is voter registration. That means making sure we start early with voter registration drives within our communities.

To facilitate this, we are holding a Day of Action this weekend. In Missouri and across the nation, supporters will be gathering in teams and hitting the streets, knocking on doors and making phone calls with one goal in mind: to make sure our neighbors are registered to vote.

Helping out with a voter registration drive during a Day of Action is a great way to participate in the political process. Whether you are a seasoned campaign worker or political novice, this is a fun and satisfying way to help make a difference. Don’t miss this opportunity to join other supporters and help make sure our voices are heard when we send President Obama back to the White House.

Find an event near you.

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