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Sandy shares her passion and enthusiasm for President Obama

There’s an old adage, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” In West St. Louis County, OFA volunteer team coordinator, Sandy D. is that person. She is the queen of volunteer recruitment. Ask anyone who has been fortunate enough to participate in a one-on-one with Sandy: her enthusiasm is contagious. Maybe that’s why her success rate is so high, and why her recruits stay involved.

“I truly believe in President Obama and his vision for America and I just try to take that enthusiasm and project it to the person on the other end of the phone, or sitting across from me. I say, “Hey, this is what I’m involved with. We’d like to have you be a part of it.” Surprisingly, most people who are unsure about volunteering are eager to get involved once they meet me and we have a one-on-one conversation about our concerns for the future and why re-electing the President is so important.”

As an independent insurance agent, adjuster, and contractor with FEMA, Sandy’s schedule is tight. Add the fact that she is a very committed mentor in the St. Louis public schools for the past 15 years, and you can see how stepping up her commitment to the Obama 2012 campaign might be difficult.

“When my friends suggest that I already have enough on my plate, I just tell them, ‘Well, yes. But I’ll make time for this.’ We all have to participate, get involved. This is so important.”

Sandy makes squeezing one more phone call or one-on-one into her day look easy. Maybe it’s because working for the President’s election is not a new thing for her. Sandy’s commitment to President Obama began back in 2005 when she met then-Senator Obama at St. Louis’ Lambert Field airport.

“My son and I were at Lambert to catch a flight to Chicago. I turned around and I said, “Oh my God. It’s Senator Obama.” It was overwhelming to see how welcoming and genuine he was meeting and conversing with everyone waiting in the gate area. In fact, on the plane, standing in the aisle, he continued to engage fellow travelers for nearly the entire flight. This was so different than my previous experiences meeting elected officials in the past. Here was a man with a heart for the people.”

Upon further investigation, she found that she liked what she learned about this young senator and so when Senator Obama accepted the nomination for President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention, Sandy immediately volunteered.

“I did pretty much every volunteer duty during the 2008 campaign: I canvassed; I called; I registered voters. It was just amazing. People came together across all racial and economic fronts. We all came together for a common cause and we got him elected and it was wonderful.”

Since the 2008 election, Sandy has never stopped working in support of the President. As she continues that work today, engaging new and old supporters in conversations about commitment and action, Sandy takes note of President Obama’s secret weapon:
“The excitement is still there.”

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