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Strut Right UP and Register

Caroline registering voters at strut your mutt

Clipboard toting volunteers took to the streets this past weekend to continue our voter registration drive in Missouri. One of those volunteers taking action was OFA-Missouri fellow, Caroline B. She spent her Saturday morning offering participants at the St. Louis Strut Your Mutt, no more homeless pets event an opportunity to “Bark for Barack”; and their human companions a chance to make sure their voter registration was up to date.

“I am so proud to represent President Barack Obama and contribute to his 2012 campaign. Registering voters is one way I can do that.

President Obama has done so much for me, and millions of other Americans over the past four years. From the Affordable Care Act to the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, President Obama has ensured that every American has the same opportunity to live a healthy and successful life. This has given me a renewed faith in the power of the American government to change its citizens’ lives for the better.

For the sake of our country and the welfare of our people: going back is not an option, we must go FORWARD.”

Missourians must have a valid voter registration on file at the Board of Elections by Oct 10 in order to vote in the upcoming Presidential Election. That’s why we are out there every day making sure that when November 6 arrives, every voice is heard. We need to send a strong message to Washington, and the best way to do that is to make sure Barack Obama remains our President for four more years.

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