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Stories of Change – Meet Orion


Orion recently moved back to the St. Louis area after serving in the United States Navy for four years. This summer he is working with OFA-Missouri staff and volunteers as an organizing fellow. This Fall he will attend college on the G.I. Bill.

“My success so far in life has been due to my decision to join the Navy. I realized I wasn't ready for four years of education and 15 years of paying off student loan debt. My four years in the Navy allowed me to pursue a degree in the Fall without having to worry about how I will pay for school. The Post-9/11 G.I. Bill, which President Obama supported as a US Senator, has provided me and other veterans the opportunity to better ourselves through higher education without worrying about the burden of student loans.”

President Obama's continued support of affordable education is leading us to a future where young Americans can pursue a career path based on their abilities and interests rather than their ability to pay.

“Because of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, I can be on my parent’s health insurance policy while I attend college.”

Join Orion and other supporters as we organizing to help re-elect President Obama so his policies continue to bring positive change to everyday Americans.

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