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State of the Union: A Hopeful and Energetic Message

OFA Kansas City-SOTU office-13

Buffering.....25%......65%.......96% is what the browser screen read as the internet connection struggled to keep up with the President's State of the Union address. However, the bandwidth bottleneck did not reflect the high energy of the group gathered at the Kansas City OFA office. After all, they had spent the last three days cleaning floors, moving furniture and decorating the walls to transition the office space into a watch party space. They were not about to let a little buffering ruin the evening.

The buffering stopped just as the news camera focused on Representative Gabrielle Giffords. As the camera panned the room for the emotional welcome of the Representative from Arizona, the office crowd chanted- "Gabby, Gabby, Gabby." It is interesting to note that her introduction reflected the tone for President Obama's State of the Union address- hopeful and energetic. Just as both Democrats and Republicans stood together to honor Representative Gifford’s courage, they also stood side by side as the President delivered his vision for our county.

OFA Kansas City-SOTU office-5

Myra, an OFA volunteer echoed this point. "The President really made a call for unity. All of us should take responsibility to keep the end goal in mind." Omie, another OFA volunteer agreed. "It takes everyone...we can't move forward by pulling apart."

The State of the Union speech focused largely on the economy, jobs, and how America can remain competitive. Loud roars and applause came from the room when the President Obama spoke about the injustices of those who take advantage of the system and who are allowed to operate without accountability.

"He's very serious," observed Jackie, an OFA volunteer. "He's asking Congress to step up and pass good, progressive laws.”

In addition, President Obama's ideas about education, foreign policy and the deficit received loud applause and strong support from the crowd. Everyone was enthusiastic about the President's plans and refreshed to hear the passion in his vision for America.

This is the same spirit that drives the work of the OFA-Missouri volunteers in Kansas City, and there are surely exciting times ahead for this group!

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