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Standing room only – “The Road We’ve Traveled” watch parties a success in MO

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Three of the upbeat attendees waiting for the documentary to begin at the OFA St. Louis headquarters watch party.

“Inspiring” was the word heard most often as supporters exchanged comments last night after watching “The Road We’ve Traveled”.

The 17-minute documentary about President Obama’s first term premiered in field offices and homes across the nation via a live stream. In Missouri, supporters gathered at standing room only viewing parties to share the experience and step up their involvement in the campaign.

After the film, attendees of the Missouri events were inspired.

“Excellent film. An informative film that shows why President Obama is so much better than the alternative.” - Tim

“The film was inspiring, and had a very positive message. It reinforced my belief that he is strong enough to get the job done.”- Katie

“The film...not only highlighted the President’s accomplishments, but also included the accomplishments of others who have helped him. I was pleased that it emphasized his ethics.” –Glenn, a local documentary film maker

"When the Republicans took us down to the rock bottom, President Obama lifted us up again." – Cornell

“It documented a President of integrity who serves ALL the people.” – Jackie

Attendee Stanton L. watched the film with over 100 fellow supporters in St. Louis, but his involvement with the campaign will continue far beyond the watch party.

“I had already decided to get involved with the campaign before coming tonight. However, after seeing this film, the urgency of involvement is evident. We can’t put off doing our part to make sure President Obama is re-elected to a second term. The stakes are too high, and he is the man we need in the White House.”

Join Stanton, and the hundreds of energized watch party attendees who signed up to volunteer last night—attend an event in Missouri this weekend.

In case you missed it, watch “The Road We’ve Traveled” here.

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