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Staff Highlight- Andrea Hale


The OFA-Missouri team is growing! We’re excited to welcome Andrea Hale as the new Regional Field Director for the Kansas City area. Andrea is already a seasoned campaign organizer having worked as a volunteer with the President's campaign team since he was a state senator. First in high school as a volunteer in the Carbondale, Iillinois campaign office and most recently as a three-term fellow with the 2012 campaign.

"I believe President Obama has the best vision, values and leadership to continue to move this country forward. I stand behind him in his belief that if you work hard, play by the rules, then you should have a fair shot at success. Many of the progressive steps he has made in equal rights for women, increased health care access, financial reform and education - all have had a direct impact on my life or friends and family."

Prior to joining OFA, she worked with the Foodbank in St. Louis. The same motivation that lead her there – the desire to make a difference in others lives – is what inspired her to work with the campaign.

Andrea says she is energized by the remarkable stories of supporters. It’s the people behind these stories that help her understand the differences that lead to diverse ideas and solutions.

“People have different reasons for getting involved with the campaign, and I want to mobilize and focus them toward one goal: re-electing the President in 2012.”

When she is not organizing, Andrea enjoys connecting with friends and family, playing with her dog, reading, traveling and discovering new places. She is a music lover, and is happy to hear some of her favorites like Aretha Franklin, Arcade Fire, and James Taylor on the Campaign's Spotify playlist.

Welcome to Kansas City, Andrea, and good luck!

Join Andrea’s team in Kansas City.

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