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SOTU Watch Parties Promise Engaging Excitement

SOTU blog 2012
Join with fellow supporters for the SOTU. It’s exciting whether the venue is large or small.

The President will address a joint session of Congress on January 24th as he delivers the State of the Union address. This will chart the country’s course over the next year as he lays out out his plans and visions for America.

Across Missouri, supporters will be gathering to watch the speech together. Watch parties are being organized in public venues and homeswith events ranging from intimate to boisterous. One thing is certain: whenever a group of the President’s supporters get together there is a palpable energy. Mix that energy with President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Address and you have all you need for an engaging evening.

Consider joining us at one of theses SOTU events on Januarty 24th.

  • St. Louis: SOTU at the Mini Moolah!

  • Kansas City: KC Office State of the Union Watch Party

  • Check out all the Missouri SOTU events.

    After the speech we’ll have time for a lively discussion sharing ideas about the campaign in Missouri.

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