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Sometimes to Work – Sometimes to Celebrate

OFA volunteers understand the power of grassroots organizing and the momentum gained from working with their neighbors towards a common goal. These committed individuals engage their local community through voter registration, phone banking, and other activities.

Often they meet in their neighbor’s homes; sometimes to work, sometimes to celebrate, but always to strive for that common goal: re-electing President Obama. The recent State of the Union Watch parties are a perfect example of communities gathering in common purpose and support.

Meet Brenda. She hosted a watch party in her home, and by doing so provided her neighbors with a wonderful opportunity to gather in support of the President.

She provided a festive atmosphere with some campaign decorations:

She provided goodies to eat and drink:

She provided a comfortable place to watch the State of the Union address:

But most importantly, she provided her neighbors with a great opportunity to discuss their support for the President, to understand the importance of their commitment to work for his re-election, and to learn about local and national campaign strategies.

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