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Registering Is Just The First Step

“Are you registered to vote at your current address?” – “Is your voter registration up to date?” These questions were asked thousands of times by hundreds of voices this past week as volunteers with voter registration forms, clipboards, and pens registered hundreds of voters at festivals, and public venues across Missouri.

JS and Carolyn after the rain
What’s a little rain among supporters? After one of the on-again, off-again rain showers in St. Louis, volunteers JS and Carolyn went right back to work registering voters.

Volunteers like JS and Carolyn understand what is at stake for Missouri and the nation in the upcoming election. They understand that going back to the same failed policies of the past is not an option. They know that reelecting President Obama will bring Missouri the kind of future we need. Registering voters is their way of helping bring about the results we need in November.

In order to make your voice heard, you must voter; and that requires that you are a registered voter and that your registration is up to date.

Ben, one of many voters this week who stopped by a voter registration event to update their registration had this to say:

“Registering is just the first step. You’ve got to follow through by getting to the poll on Election Day and voting for the President. You know, he’s not going to get there by wishing. We have to do our part, and that’s to vote.”

Make sure you are registered to vote in November: GottaVote

Make sure others are registered to vote: Volunteer at an event this week..

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