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Mike is Fired Up for the Home Stretch

Mike Is Fired Up

Mike is a PhD student in American Studies at St. Louis University. He is also a volunteer regional field organizer for OFA-Missouri. Mike explains why supporting President Obama is so important to him, and why he is driven to work tirelessly with the grassroots campaign in their efforts to register voters, and get out the vote in Missouri.

“During my three presidential cycles as a registered voter, I have seen a consistent deterioration of the purpose, goals and expected results of government. This has rendered our nation politically bankrupt to the possibility of progressive change. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. I have seen the good work that government can do on a daily basis.”

“At its best, government isn't a black cloud that "destroys freedom"; rather, government is the collection of workers who enable those in their community to receive a fair shot. I recognize that being from the middle class has given me an advantage in life, which is something a responsive government would provide to everyone.”

“President Obama has the same faith as I do in the positive role government can play in our lives and I'm excited to support a candidate whose efforts to re-inscribe faith in the democratic process will enable my community to face the fundamental challenges of the 21st century.”

The voter registration deadline for Missouri is fast approaching. October 10 is the final day you can register for the November Presidential Election. That’s why volunteers like Mike will be out again in this weekend in communities across Missouri making sure folks are registered.


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