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Making Registration Easy!

It’s easy, just sign it and drop it in the box.

Central West End team leader, Karen shows off one of the voter registration boxes her team is placing around St. Louis.

Voter registration is the key to victory in November. That’s what teams of OFAMissouri volunteers are focusing on. For the members of the Central West End team in St. Louis, voter registration is a calling they are particularly passionate about.

This week they have been putting voter registration drop boxes in local venues. “It’s another way to make access to registering available to folks in our community,” said James P., who checks on all the boxes every couple of days. “Proprietors have been very receptive to having voter registration boxes in their stores. It offers them an opportunity to participate on a community level with their neighbors and patrons.”

St. Louis-20120206-vorter-reg-box-2

The Central West End team holds weekly events that include phone banking and informational meetings as well as voter registrations. New members are always welcome.

Join a team close to you: Volunteer.

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