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Kansas City’s Newest Volunteers Are Fired Up and Ready to Go!


The line stretched out the door last Saturday in Kansas City as new volunteers lined up to sign in for OFA’s “Welcome To Our Movement” training session. These were not the seasoned volunteers already organizing across Missouri. These were new volunteers, eager to learn how they could help re-elect President Obama and get involved with his campaign in Missouri.

The excitement filling the room provided the perfect lead-in for Regional Field Director Andrea Hale’s compelling presentation. Andrea outlined President Obama’s accomplishments, the progress of the campaign in Missouri, our plans going forward, and the importance of everyone’s commitment to helping re-elect the President.

Attendees then watched “The Road We’ve Traveled,” a short film which highlights the enormity of what the president has accomplished since he took office in early 2009. As the video ended with all that needs to be accomplish to win in 2012, conversation turned to commitment and taking action.

“I don’t see how anyone could vote against Obama. We should all put aside our differences and help America work for all of us – not just those at the top. We have just got to re-elected President Obama.” - Earline

Attendees then learned about our neighborhood team model that provides the groundwork for the success of OFA’s grassroots campaign. This model allows volunteers to take ownership of the campaign and the results of their efforts.

By the end of the session, these new committed supporters were charged to help take part in the 2012 campaign by joining a neighborhood team. Many of them have already signed up for one of the many events during the upcoming Voter Registration Weekend of Action – April 28 – 29!

Join them at a voter registration event this weekend::

  • Main kick-off event in St. Louis with Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed Saturday, April 28th 10:30 am

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