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Kansas City Supporters Ready to Turn Missouri Blue

Some of the volunteers and staff that made the KC office opening so successful

The crowd was energized Monday night as OFA Missouri opened its Kansas City office. Even though we saw the temperature drop, spirits were up as attendees waited outside in a line that wrapped around the block. Former and new volunteers alike celebrated the opening and made plans to take action. It was exciting to see the work of our volunteer teams pay off with a successful office opening.

The speaking program set the tone for the event. First, Senator Kiki Curls fired the crowd up by discussing the benefit President Obama’s policies have had for Kansas City. But he urged attendees not to get complacent. “We have more work to do to ensure our President continues to look out for Kansas City.” Next, Senator Jolie Justus urged folks to ask others to take action and be a leader in their community. “Call 10 people, and ask them to call people. We need to build a movement larger than the last time. ”Attendees were excited and a “Fired Up, Ready to Go” chant broke out over the crowd of nearly 300 people. At the end of the night, over 80 people decide to sign up to take action on our sign-up wall. Kansas City definitely took a stand Monday night and showed the rest of the country we’re ready to turn Missouri blue in 2012!

Volunteer with OFA-Missouri and help us turn Missouri blue

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