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Kansas City Community Gets Educated on Affordable Care Act

Sarah S. discusses health improvements from the Affordable Care Act

A group of Kansas City residents gathered at The Plaza Library to learn more about the Affordable Care Act. Sarah S., a volunteer team leader in Kansas City, made the presentation and provided the audience clarity around elements of the legislation.

"Anyone can afford to have coverage, and it is not like what is being portrayed by the right-wing," said Sharon, an attendee.

Sarah explained the changes to the law, who it would affect, and when the changes will take place. The crowd was receptive to the new provisions for early retirees, those with existing conditions, and small business owners. Sarah reviewed changes that limited the power of the insurance companies, which would save money and reduce fraud. While speaking about inflated insurance costs, she made reference to a recent conversation with her son. "Spending more on something doesn't always mean better quality." which made her point crystal clear.

affordable-care-act-presentation-donald-1 The idea that he would get more value from his health care premium because of reductions to overhead resonated with Donald. He commented, "this law puts the insurance companies on notice. 80% of the premium must go to direct health coverage or they have to report about their costs."

affordable-care-act-presentation-mary-1 Mary, a recent retiree, was happy to hear about how the health care plan complements Medicare. In addition to learning about preventative care and drug discounts under the plan, she was excited to learn about resources on the internet, including the website, that she will share with her church and others in her community.

affordable-care-act-presentation-denise-1 Denise, who started a new job last week, has been denied coverage in the past and knows several others who have been turned down for coverage. She is pleased that other job seekers will have an easier time getting coverage, especially those with pre-existing conditions.

Most people left with a better understanding of the President's Affordable Care Act. A key point that nearly everyone made was the need to spread this message and diffuse the negative "Obamacare" messaging that clouds the ability to find health care solutions. If you are in Kansas City, please keep your eyes peeled for future presentations on the Affordable Care Act.

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