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Introducing the Missouri Statewide Call Team

20100722_MO-Teri Miller update

We are working hard here in Missouri to ensure that we keep this state and this country moving forward. On Sunday, August 19, we are kicking off our Missouri Statewide Call Team. With the launch of the Missouri Statewide Call Team, you can start making a difference right from the comfort of your own home.

The Missouri Statewide Call Team is a critical part of our effort to re-elect the President. This team, consisting of volunteers from across the state, will call individuals to build support for the President.

Many outstate supporters looking for a way to actively participate in the campaign will find this to be the perfect opportunity. Likewise, supporters who have limited time or physical abilities will find that becoming a member of this important team will give them an avenue to make a valuable contribution towards President Obama’s re-election, all without having to leave their homes.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of this strategic team, please join us for our introductory call and training on Sunday, August 19, at 7pm. To participate in the call, you can register here:

After registering, you’ll receive dial-in information for the call.

In the meantime, you can check us out on Dashboard by clicking on the “Groups” icon and selecting “Missouri Statewide Call Team”.

If we want to move this country forward, we must all work together to get everyone involved, no matter where they live. So join us on Sunday night and be part of something great!

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