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Inge’s First Vote

Inge and Jan
Inge and Jan trading signs.

When you volunteer to make phone calls or knock on doors for GOTV, you never know what amazing thing might happen to you, or what amazing people you might meet.

Take Jan for example, a volunteer in Ballwin, Missouri. When she volunteered to make phone calls to supporters in her community last week, she had no idea what an inspirational day she was going to have. You see Jan happened to have Inge S. on her call list.

Inge was delighted to share her enthusiasm for the President when Jan called. Yes, she supported the President. Yes, she was going to vote for Barack Obama. Inge told Jan that she had immigrated to the United States 53 years ago, but had never gotten her citizenship until this year when she proudly became a citizen so she could vote for President Obama. Inge went on to share the fact that when she was unable to obtain a Obama 2012 yard sign from a local source, she had just made her own. She wanted everyone to know she was voting for the President.

Jan was so taken with Inge that she decided to meet this lovely lady in person and bring her a yard sign.

Inge is proud that her first vote will be for Barack Obama.

Volunteer for GOTV. You never know who you’ll meet.

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