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I’m Registering Today!


Meet James, a 17-year old student, and one of the attendees at the “Welcome to Our Movement” new volunteer training in St. Louis. James came with his mother to find out how he could help re-elect President Obama to a second term.

When the voter registration section was presented, James found out that with a birthday in August, he was already eligible to register to vote this November. Wasting little time, he filled out his voter registration card on the spot, becoming the first official registrant for this new group of OFA volunteers.

“I’m excited about voting for the first time, and being able to cast that vote for Barack Obama. I believe that it is important for President Obama to win a second term. As a champion for education he can make a big difference in affordable, available education for my generation and those to follow. With his leadership, our education system can once again be the envy of the world.”

Join James as he works with other OFA supporters to be sure President Obama wins a second term. Volunteer today!

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